Ruby of the Sea® Oil

Ruby of the Sea® Oil has shown to increase energy, improve heart health, and reduce pain in joints and muscles. Contains All Natural Omega-3s.

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Why Ruby of the Sea® Oil is important for your health.

 - 100% Pure Norwegian Product - Wild Calanus Finmarchicus copepods in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Norway from virtually pollution free waters

 - Contains All Natural Omega-3’s plus additional essential fatty acids for superior benefits

- Boosts Energy and Endurance*

 - Contain Steardonic Acid (SDA) fatty acid, a potent anti-inflammatory to reduce pain in heart, joints, skin and muscles

 - Boosts heart health and may reduce the risk of major coronary events  

 - Wax Esters in Ruby of the Sea® oil absorb directly into the lower gut helping to control fat and sugar metabolism. May help to reduce belly fat *

 - Natural Astaxanthin, which naturally gives Ruby of the Sea® its natural color, is also a rich source of antioxidants for skin and body healing

- Largest sustainable resource in the world

 - Processed without chemicals

Heroes Are Our Customers

Debra Hoon - customer

Phan Huynh

Ruby of the Sea® Oil has remarkably changed my life. I feel so full of energy at the age of 81. People at the gym would come up to me and ask about my age. They can’t believe that I am working out and looking so young and vibrant. I have been the healthiest I have ever been for a long time.

Nguyen Thi Thanh

I had serious health problems with arthritis and joint pain where I have a hard time walking. I would be holding a cane to move around and I was quite weak. I live in Vietnam - Vinh Long-Long Ho and my niece sent these Ruby of the Sea pills for me to try. After taking it for 3 months, 2 softgels in the morning and 2 softgels in the afternoon - I feel so much stronger.
Nguyen Thi Thanh - customer Debra Hoon - customer

Debra Hoon

07/05/19 I started taking Ruby of the Sea. Within 3 days my body began releasing toxins and by day 30, I’d lost 17 lbs., reduced my blood sugar level to 32 units and felt like dancing all night! By 6 months I’d lost 30 lbs., stopped down to 26 units, my skin was more supple and I felt better than I did in high school.

Mai Tran

This Ruby of the Sea oil really helped me gain my leg strength and mobility. After taking Ruby of the Sea Oil for 3 months with 4 softgels a day (2 softgels in the morning and 2 softgels in the afternoon), I’m able to walk again. The more I take it the better I feel every day. I am a believer in Ruby of the Sea.
Mai Tran - customer

From Sea to Softgel

At PureHealth Corp. We care about what we do. Our Ruby of the Sea® oil is harvested and processed in Norway and bottled in the USA.

Every batch of Ruby of the Sea® Oil is tested by a certified lab for environmental toxins and purity.

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