How it all began

Back in 2017, my dad had just gone through his second heart bypass. He was 79 years old, weighing 192 lbs. at a height of 5’6”. He was overweight and had every heart and digestive problems.

He consumed 8 prescription pills daily for his heart conditions, each with a lot of side effects. He was tired and lethargic most of the time. His cardiologist insisted that he changed his eating habits and lifestyle as he was leading toward major heart surgery.

It was so sad for me to hear the thought of that. It broke me down in pieces seeing his health deteriorates and counting his day when he should be enjoying his retirement. He has always been the happy-go-lucky type of man who is so charismatic—so full of life. I hate to see my dad who I adore dearly go through this struggle. I will do anything to see him happy and healthy as he age.

Thus, it made me determined to find a supplement to help him and my entire family live a healthier lifestyle.

My quest to make a difference

It is very difficult to change our eating habits and way of life. Exercise alone will not help combat the daily processed food that we all consume. We require some type of dietary supplement that we can ingest to help with the deterioration of our body as we age.

I am on a quest to find the best supplement that is 100% natural and pure. It should provide superior, overall metabolic health. It is important to me that I produce a supplement that makes a difference in people’s live's. This was my mission and thus the start of my company.

To answer my prayer, I found my manufacturer in a small town in Norway and softgel producers with bottlers here in the United States.

Ruby of the Sea® Oil was found.