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Understanding what science has uncovered about Calanus oil

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Healthy aging

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Omega-3 levels

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Body composition

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The 12-week challenge

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Women’s health

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Metabolic aging

Fights inflammation

Metabolic health

Cardiovascular health

Body composition & physical performance

The science behind Calanus oil

This ruby red oil has a lot of potential to support healthy aging and metabolic health, increase Omega-3 levels, help maintain lean body mass and healthy body composition, and promote better insulin sensitivity.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

What’s different about Calanus oil?

Unlike krill oil and fish oil, Calanus Oil's unique composition includes Omega-3s, the ruby red antioxidant astaxanthin, and wax esters that are made up of a fatty acid linked to long-chain policosanols.

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Calanus oil is the sole source of marine policosanols


Policosanols comprise about 40% of Calanus oil wax esters


Effectively absorbed and utilized during metabolism


Potential health benefits including improved physical performance and inflammation reduction

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May help the body use fats for energy, saving muscle glycogen

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Support for healthy aging

Calanus oil has a rich bioactive composition that helps with overall health and supports a more active, mobile lifestyle as we grow older.


Cardiac support


Cognitive function


Metabolic support


Immune function

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Body composition


Bone density

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Increased Omega-3 levels

12 weeks of Calanus oil supplementation led to a significant increase in the Omega-3 Index in elderly participants. Calanus oil’s wax ester composition is highly bioavailable and well absorbed.


Omega-3 Index

Lean body mass and healthy body composition

Calanus oil has shown promise for increasing lean body mass while reducing body fat more than diet alone, especially when paired with exercise. It also can help support improved physical performance. Together, these can support much better quality of life.

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Maintenance of healthy insulin levels & insulin sensitivity

Because Calanus oil is composed of wax esters, it takes longer to digest. That means that it makes it all the way to the gut to activate the GPR120 receptors regulating fat and sugar metabolism.

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Unlock the Power of Calanus Oil

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100% Natural


Gluten Free

No additives, toxins
or contaminants

Ethically & sustainably

Cold pressed at the source

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