How Debra Hoon Got Her Life Back with Ruby of the Sea

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Meet Debra

Debra is a lively, energetic woman in her early 60s. She smiles and it lights up the room. You wouldn’t guess the health battles she has fought over the years.

Debra has no working pancreas, which has caused many problems. Over the years, her weight and her insulin dosage have gone up and down, never stabilizing for long. Her cholesterol and blood pressure were fine, but she was still exhausted and in pain.

"Ruby of the Sea helped me take control of my life again. I have dropped in units and can walk for about 1-2 miles. I'm ready to take Zumba class!"

The Challenge


A gastric bypass surgery helped Debra drop from 388 pounds at one point, but there were still struggles. By 2019, her weight had crept back up to an uncomfortable 252 pounds.

Diabetes Management

Debra’s A1C levels started at 6.9. That’s fair, but not great. She was needing about 38 units of insulin a day.

Lack of Energy

Getting up and going was getting harder. She wasn’t walking or living the active lifestyle she wanted.

General Aches & Pains

Inflammation and stress on her joints translated to daily aches and pains
for Debra.

Her Ruby of the Sea Strategy

In July of 2019, Debra started taking Ruby of the Sea. She wanted to accelerate healing and natural repair, so she took two doses daily.

  • 3 softgels (1500 mg) in the morning 
  • 3 softgels (1500 mg) in the afternoon/evening 

Life-Changing Results

The changes started happening fast! Within 30 days of taking Ruby of the Sea, Debra lost 17 pounds and began to notice a difference in her energy and pain levels. 

Today she has the energy of a teenager and her doctors said she “has the heart of a 20-year-old.” Debra is living proof of the Ruby of the Sea difference. 

Lost 38+ pounds

A1C went down from 6.9 to 5.1

Reduced insulin units from 38 to 26 daily

Started walking and even dancing!

No more muscle or body aches

Smooth, supple skin

Try Calanus Oil Yourself

Do you dream of an active, healthy lifestyle? One where you feel strong and hearty, able to do the things you love the most?

Ruby of the Sea can help give you the support you need to begin that transformation. Join hundreds who have already discovered the power of Calanus Oil and see for yourself.

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