Science-Based Health Benefits of Calanus Oil

Find out about the power of Calanus Oil to help you
achieve a better quality of life.
Find out about the power of Calanus Oil to help you achieve a better quality of life.
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Conventional Omega-3s Plus SDA

Omega-3s Plus SDA

All good stuff and then some!

Only Calanus Oil has the special combination of three Omega-3 Fatty acids EPA, DHA, and SDA, or stearidonic acid. SDA is converted to EPA in the body, which boosts EPA levels. This results in an added layer of protection for the heart and better health benefits than EPA and DHA supplementation alone. 

Heart Healthy

Give your heart a little love!

Clinical trials show daily intake of Calanus oil improves cardiac function by improving blood lipids and providing an additional layer of protection for the heart. This is all thanks to the high content SDA which is an EPA precursor. 

Boost of Energy and


Clinical studies show increased pumping of the heart, with around 8% more blood flow, providing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. These studies also show an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat - contributing to a boost of energy and better endurance!

Potent Anti-Inflammatory

Potent Anti-

Fewer aches and pains? Sounds amazing.

Calanus Oil may reduce arthritis, muscle, and joint pains due to the
combination of SDA and Wax Ester.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids act as building blocks for anti-inflammatory mediators eicosanoids.
  • SDA lowers the output of Omega-6 based pro-inflammatory mediators.
  • Wax Esters promote fat metabolism and smaller, healthier fat cells. Large fat cells contribute to overall inflammation.

Metabolic Health Support

A little help to maintain a healthy weight and body.

Wax Esters are digested very slowly by the body, which means Calanus Oil makes it all the way to the distal intestine, where it interacts with GPR120 receptors that regulate fat and sugar.

Clinical trials show daily intake of Calanus Oil improves insulin sensitivity and also improves overall body composition.

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PMS Relief

Now that’s something to cheer about.

Similar to the benefits of krill oil, Calanus Oil may help manage menstrual-based hormonal symptoms such as those seen in PMS and pre-menopause.


The Ruby Red star of the show.

Astaxanthin is the red antioxidant that gives Calanus Oil its distinctive ruby color. It helps absorb the essential Omega-3 fatty acids into your body, which promotes good heart, organ, cell and immune system health.

These antioxidant effects may protect cells from damage and improve immune system function. It may enhance athletic performance, hydrate and firm aging skin, alleviate muscle soreness, and more. 

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Put the power of Calanus

Oil to work for you

Put the power of Calanus Oil to work for you

Ruby of the Sea can be an important part of helping you live a healthier, happier life.

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