Ruby of the Sea
for Diabetes

Clinically Proven Calanus Oil

Calanus oil is the only marine oil supplement that targets metabolic syndrome and the development of Type 2 Diabetes.

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Preventing Damage
from Diabetes

Around 30 million Americans currently have diabetes. Worse, 7 million of those people don’t know it yet.

There are also 79 million more who are pre-diabetic, meaning they’re at risk of developing the disease if they don’t take action.

Managing diabetes is essential to health and quality of life. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many devastating complications: 

Kidney disease
Nerve damage
Hearing loss
Vision loss 

Mental health issues
Loss of limbs
Lowered life expectancy

The Role of Weight Management
and Metabolism

This is all complicated and scary stuff, right? But one of the best ways to fight the effects of diabetes - or prevent its development in the first place - is to manage your weight and improve your metabolism.

Calanus Oil shows remarkable properties that help combat obesity and metabolic issues.

Improves lipid profiles

Improve glucose tolerance

Reduces body mass

Reduces intra-abdominal fat

Combats inflammation that leads to insulin resistance

Reduces body mass

Combats inflammation that leads to insulin resistance

Improve glucose tolerance

Reduces body mass

Reduces intra-abdominal fat

Slow Digestion for
Better Results

The Omega-3s in fish and krill are digested too quickly to be used fully by the body. 

Ruby of the Sea comes in wax ester form, which makes all the difference, especially when it comes to improving insulin sensitivity.

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Reduced Insulin
Sensitivity & More

That slow digestion seems to make all the difference. Daily intake of Calanus Oil has shown promising results.

 Improved insulin sensitivity
 Decreased inflammation
 Enhanced endurance
 Better muscle performance
Targets belly fat
Combats fatty liver

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Ruby Red Antioxidant Power

Another benefit of Ruby of the Sea is its uniquely red antioxidant, astaxanthin. This helps support your body as it repairs damage caused by diabetes and may also play a role in prevention.

Heart & organ


Immune system



Hydrate & firm
aging skin

How to Take
Ruby of the Sea

For best results, take 4 softgels daily with your meals for natural repair. This is the same amount of Calanus oil taken by participants in clinical trials.

Debra’s Story

Debra’s pancreas stopped working at age 15, and by her 30s she was on insulin. Over the years, she had issues with her metabolism and weight. When she found Ruby of the Sea, she found a way to get control again.

 Lost 38+ pounds
 A1C went down from 6.9 to 5.1
 Reduced insulin units from 38 to 26 daily
 Soaring energy levels

 Started walking and even dancing!
 No more muscle or body aches
Loss of limbs
 Smooth, supple skin

More Ways to Improve Your Metabolism

Omega-3s are much more effective when paired with a healthy lifestyle. Small changes can make a big difference and help improve your bodily function and heart health.

Eat more fruits, vegetables, & whole grains  

Avoid fatty & processed foods

Stop smoking

Manage stress levels

Exercise regularly

Monitor blood pressure levels

Get 7-8 hours of sleep

Try Calanus Oil Yourself

Do you dream of an active, healthy lifestyle? One where you feel strong and hearty, able to do the things you love the most?

Ruby of the Sea can help give you the support you need to begin that transformation. Join hundreds who have already discovered the power of Calanus Oil and see for yourself.

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